ImHotep and Alchemy

Egyptian Oracle Readings

There are lots of stories about alchemy, and where it started. To be honest I do not know the truth, and no one alive does. I do know that alchemy has deep roots in many cultures, one of them being Egypt.

A core teaching in Alchemy comes from the Emerald Tablet. This text is credited to Hermes Trismegistus, but really no one knows who he is or if this is true.

A long time ago, I heard a story. This was so very long ago that I do not know who told me this story. Now, many years later I have searched the internet and I can not find this story anywhere. It was told to me in person, but I really just cannot remember who told it to me. I make no promises of the facts to this, and really all involved have been dead so long it is really hard…

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