Levi H. Dowling’s the Aquarian Gospel


The Aquarian Gospel is a false teaching by Levi H. Dowling. It does not give an accurate account of the life and true teachings of Jesus Christ. There are several books that claim to tell about the parts of Jesus’ life that are “missing” from the Bible. None of these are credible as only the Word of God is infallible and accurately portrays Jesus’ life and teachings. Many people try to take the truth of the Bible and distort it. This is the work of the enemy. The Aquarian Gospel is a contradictory mixture of Christian Science, New Age and occult beliefs. Some of the material in the Aquarian Gospel is borrowed from the ancient Gospel of James, a well-known forgery from the early years of the church.

Aquarian-Gospel-whatshotnThere are many contradictions and inaccuracies in the Aquarian Gospel. The book begins with an historical inaccuracy: “Augustus Caesar reigned…

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