Tarik ibn Zeyad (The Moor Who Conquered Spain)


Tarik ibn Zeyad Tarik ibn Zeyad

Who were the Moors and what was their role in Spain? Tarik ibn Zeyad was a Moor who was instrumental in conquering Spain and honored by having the Rock of Gibraltar named after him.

The fact that people of African descent, or specifically the Moors were in western Europe from 710 AD until the late 1400’s is indisputable. It is noteworthy that these Moors were in Europe as conquerors and served as a “civilizing force,” as opposed to being enslaved by the Europeans. The Moors had a tremendously positive impact on European cultural, socio-economic and political institutions.

In his work, “The Moor: Light of Europe’s Dark Age,” Wayne B. Chandler offers the following definition of the Moors: “Although the term Moor has been put to diverse use, its roots are still traceable. Circa 46 B. C., the Roman army entered West Africa where they encountered black Africans…

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