Know Moor Kemet. No Kemet No More.


In this “conscious community” I’ve witnessed far to often the undue use of exaggeration based on assumption rather than empirical observation or scientific methodology.  There is a term I wish to address in this regard, /tA mri/ Egypt.

The Neo-Moor claims /tA mri/ to be related to the term Moor based on the employment of the [mr] consonant combination.  The claim is that the term Moor is the root of /tA mri/, that Moors were present in Kemet, and were represented in the hieroglyphs by use of the /mr/ (G17,D21) consonant combination.  I do not find any evidence of Moors in Kemet. Neither entering as an invading force nor indigenous to the region, as called by the name “moor”, we do not find these attestations amongst the Hieroglyphs.

The Names of The People of Kemet.

The term /tA mri/ Ta Meri means the beloved land. /tA/ means land, /mri/ means beloved…

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