A Conversation On Nehesy-The Nubian Pharoah And The Definition Of The Term /nHsy/ “Nubian”


A conversation continues about the definition of the Ancient Egyptian word /nHsy/ “Nehesy”. It is my contention that /nHsy/ Nehesy means or corresponds with the modern term Nubian. The opponents of this view state A.) “the meaning [of Nehesy] is obscure among early Egyptologists”, B.) “The word /nHsy/ CANNOT mean Nubian since the “Nubians” had NO concept of NUBIA, other wise there would have been a state called NUBIA.”

I’ve responded to the claims with the following Egyptological Dictionaries;

Aldof Erman Wb II S 303 /nHsj/ Nubia.
Alan Gardiner page 575 /nHsy/ Nubian.
E.A Wallis Budge p.389 Nehsi-Negro
Raymond Faulkner p. 137 /nHsy/ Nubian

In refutation of the second fold of latter claim I presented /tA nHsy/ “Nehesy Land” which was a “state”, with “cities”.

Examining /tA nHsy/ TA Nehesy in primary documents one can confirm there was a time that /tA nHsy/ TA Nehesy was its own state, rich…

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