The Road to Sobsfic Con: The State of Black Science Fiction Celebrity Wish List

Chronicles of Harriet

Milton 6At our last Con Chair meeting, SOBSFic Con co-chair, author and publisher Milton Davis, swooned when it was mentioned that perhaps actors Orlando Jones and Michael Jai White and singer / songwriter, Janelle Monae might come to SOBSFic Con.

Turns out it was just a rumor – we would love to have them as guests, though – but it got me thinking about what celebrities I would love to see at the Southwest Arts Center on June 11-12, or even Friday, June 10, at the Mahogany Masquerade.

Below is my list. Which celebrities would you like to see at SOBSFic Con?

CCH Pounder-Kone

Wish 2One of my favorite actresses, Carol Christine Hilaria “C. C. H.” Pounder is the undisputed king – remember, there are no queens in Afrika – of Black Speculative visual media.

Born in Guyana, Mrs. Kone has taken the world by storm, starring in such horror…

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