White Genetic Annihilation: The Roots of White Supremacy


Frances Cress Welsing helps us to understand the “Cress Theory of Color Confrontation” in her groundbreaking book The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors. She explains racism (white supremacy) and its roots.

Definition of racism (white supremacy). White supremacy is a “global power system of mass oppression”: A war against people of color in general, Blacks in particular. There is no individual who is the head racist, or leader of all white supremacists thus making it difficult to nail down its locus of power (one of its greatest strengths). Racism (white supremacy) functions on an elite level and on a mass level. Like a massive bureaucracy, white power is wielded by a network of powerful and influential individuals and institutions linked together by the common goal of dominating the world’s people of color, especially Blacks, in order to ensure white genetic survival. This elite, which comes from the government, the military, big business…

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One thought on “White Genetic Annihilation: The Roots of White Supremacy

  1. aelectress coronis

    as of lately, people have been hunting in the woods of america looking for the sasquatches, bigfoots, abomidable snowmen, and yeties. would it by chance that these creatures are somehow related to blacks and africans from millions of years ago ? will the whites exploit these astounding revealations? please comment on my e-mail. thank you.



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