the “racial” version of standpoint theory

Me Against Iniquity: Understanding the Complexities of Global White Supremacy (Racism) Through The Eyes of an Educated Black Man


In Charles W. Mill’s The Racial Contract, he states on pages 109-110:

The term ” standpoint theory” is now routinely used to signify the notion that in understanding the workings of a system of oppression, a perspective from the bottom up is more likely to be accurate than one from the top down. What is involved here, then, is a “racial” version of standpoint theory, a perspectival cognitive advantage that is grounded in the phenomenological experience of the disjuncture between official (white) reality and actual (nonwhite) experience, the “double-consciousness” of which W. E. B. Du Bois spoke. This differential racial experience generates an alternative moral and political perception of social reality which is encapsulated in the insight from the black American folk tradition I have used as the epigraph of this book: the central realization, summing up the Racial Contract, that “when white people say ‘Justice,’ they mean ‘Just Us.'”

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