BlackOut August

The Final week and What You Can Do.

BlackOut August 2015
What You Can Do.
Programme of Actions
1. Boycott all mainstream social and news media such as CNN and Fox News.
2. Boycott all anti-Black entertainers. Combat cultural appropriation.
3. Patronize Black owned businesses.
4. Support pro-active events such as Marcus Garvey Day, Black August, etc.
5.. Protest against police brutality and killings of Black people. Sandra Bland.Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Ezell Ford, and thousands of others
6. Last but not least recognize We Are At War. We all need to be getting our households together. Stock water, prepare emergency backpacks, increase the readiness of your family in case of an emergency such as prolonged energy blackout or escalation of civil unrest.
7. This goes back to #5. We not suggesting you take to the streets in spontaneous actions. Organized protests in key spots can be effective in mobilizing small groups into larger groups of organizers. These are just a few actions you can initiate.
8. Stop The War Against Black People, not only in the United States, but Internationally. Jamaica. Ghana. Ethiopia. Standing Up!
For more information contact BAM at


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