BLM or BLM? Black Lives Matter OR Black Liberation Movement?

Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee

The Subtle Genocide of the New Afrikan

We are living in an epoch different than those faced by the past people of African descent in the United States. We are neither fighting against chattel-slavery, nor are we fighting Jim Crow apartheid. Today the struggle for Black Liberation is a neocolonial struggle. Neocolonial because while Blacks are de facto colonized by US White settler-colonialism, and still de facto have a colonial relation to the US State and ruling class, it is no longer a mere legal struggle against second class citizenship as it was under Jim Crow Apartheid. Today the struggle is far more complex than the Civil Rights Movement. While today many are wondering if we need a new Civil Rights Movement, they are failing to understand the concrete conjuncture we are living in today and are not adjusting to the new political landscape accordingly. We have already won civil…

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