Oriana Farrell, prosecutors reach plea in minivan shooting case

FOX New Mexico

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TAOS, N.M. (KRQE) – Just a week out from trial, state prosecutors have reached a deal with the Tennessee mom at the center of a chaotic traffic stop where a state police officer shot at a minivan full of kids.

Prosecutors for the Taos District Attorney’s Office and the attorney for Oriana Farrell announced a plea deal at a Monday afternoon hearing at the Taos County Courthouse.

Farrell is charged with child abuse, aggravated fleeing from a police office and drug paraphernalia possession after an October 2013 incident with New Mexico State Police.

After being stopped for speeding on a highway outside of Taos, dash-camera video from New Mexico State Police shows that Farrell got in a disagreement about the ticket with the office who pulled Farrell over. Video shows Farrell couldn’t decide if she wanted to agree to pay the ticket or to go to court…

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