Slave-Plantation Politics


Bpp_logoRecent primaries and the upcoming midterm elections clearly demonstrate the importance of Blacks/New Afrikans developing our own independent political institutions. Because we don’t have our own independent political vehicles, we continue to be in a political quagmire of supporting and depending on political parties that either ignore us (Republicans) or take us for granted (Democrats).

For example, in Pittsburgh, PA and Allegheny County, the Democratic Party has been in power for decades, enjoying consistent and loyal support from its Black/New Afrikan constituents.

However, Blacks in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County remain some of the most impoverished and jobless among comparable  urban areas in the United States.

Public schools continue to be closed and/or consolidated, unemployment remains double that of the white population and police remain unchecked in their contempt for the civil rights and lives of Black/New Afrikan people.

Against this backdrop, crime and violence have flourished throughout certain areas in…

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