Heru Energy Profile

Mamas Immortal

Heru Energy–Some Very Basic Info

  • Planet–Sun
  • Day–Sunday
  • Number–6
  • Element–Fire
  • Gems-Ruby/Garnet
  • Oils- frankincense
  • colors-red/white

the hot and dry energy of the Sun has the following effects on our personalities

positive–Magnanimous, desirous of power/leadership, full of vitality, zealous, noble, proud, authoritative, reserved, above using underhanded means, humane

negative–arrogant, extravagant, indecisive, overbearing, dictatorial, excessive pride, devitalized (weak willed), tyrannical, boastful yet empty, egotistical

 Careers/functions that reflect this energy

people in authoritative positions (father, single mother, king, prince, leaders, mayor, boss, supervisor, etc.  self employment)

this info is from Metu Neter Vol.1 by Ra Un Nefer Amen

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