Collective Consciousness and Community Defense


The murder of nine Black/New Afrikans at the historic Mother Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina is a heart-wrenching and incomprehensible tragedy. It should also represent a turning point in the current struggle for Black justice and freedom in the United States.

The Charleston 9

Political pundits throughout main-stream media outlets have struggled with articulating the reality of racial hatred, violence and terrorism directed toward Blacks/New Afrikans. Instead, many have focused on calling for more stringent gun-control laws and the removal of the confederate flag from government properties, while ignoring the obvious pattern of race-based terrorism aimed at Blacks all across the United States.

Vigilantes, murderous pig-police and now, organized and armed white-supremacist have targeted and converged upon Black/New Afrikan people with a vengeance. Traditional and “responsible” African-American leadership appears to be unprepared and ill-equipped to respond to these most recent situations, while more radical and militant Black leaders are angry…

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