How Rachel Dolezal has helped black people – By Phoenix Calida


But rachel is helping the black community.


1 she took scholarship money designated for actual black ppl.
Are black ppl as a whole granted so much access to higher education that we can afford to give up spots and scholarships at black universities?

2 she taught african studies. as a white person. She looked in at black culture as an outsider, not as an actual black person living the culture. White ppl assuming they are experts on black culture is exactly how colonialism happened- for the good of the negro of course. This is a continuation of the infantilizaion of black bodies. We’re too stupid or incompetent to beexperts on our own history, so we need our culture to be analyzed and taught by the superior white race, right?

3. She took a job that could have and probably should have gone to a poc, especially a black woman…

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