The Meaning of America:Sacred Eytmology

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What does “America” mean? 

Depending on who you ask,  the meaning of America would differ due to the level of spiritual development, historical awareness,  emotional attachment, as well as political perspective.  In this article, we will offer a  definition of America  based upon  “sacred etymology”.

Sacred etymology is an approach to derive the meaning of a word, through a uncoventional interdisciplinary analysis of the word’s structure. In searching for the meaning of the word America, we will arrange the word in different ways, (without changing the spelling or the sequential order of the letters), and garner definitions based upon the combined meaning of those arrangements. 

The word/name America is supposedly derived from the first name of Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci. Using the “sacred etymological” approach, we can through different sources arrive at a deeper understanding of the name America. 

 The architectural landscape of Washington, D.C. provides clues to how we should begin to find the first implementation of the sacred etymological analysis.


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