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Heru Energy Profile

Mamas Immortal

Heru Energy–Some Very Basic Info

  • Planet–Sun
  • Day–Sunday
  • Number–6
  • Element–Fire
  • Gems-Ruby/Garnet
  • Oils- frankincense
  • colors-red/white

the hot and dry energy of the Sun has the following effects on our personalities

positive–Magnanimous, desirous of power/leadership, full of vitality, zealous, noble, proud, authoritative, reserved, above using underhanded means, humane

negative–arrogant, extravagant, indecisive, overbearing, dictatorial, excessive pride, devitalized (weak willed), tyrannical, boastful yet empty, egotistical

 Careers/functions that reflect this energy

people in authoritative positions (father, single mother, king, prince, leaders, mayor, boss, supervisor, etc.  self employment)

this info is from Metu Neter Vol.1 by Ra Un Nefer Amen

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Het Heru/Oshun Energy Profile

Mamas Immortal


Below is very basic info regarding this Goddess Energy


The cold and moist energy of Venus has the following impact on the personality:

positive–sociable, affectionate, pleasure loving, quiet, harmonious, joyful, sweet, engaging, flexible, sympathetic, graceful, merry, cheerful

negative–shameless, lascivious, neglectful, lewd, idle, wasteful, craving drugs and alcohol, immoral, motivated  by fantasies, spendthrift fearful, careless, narcissistic

Careers/functions-entertainers, artists young women, the beauty, clothing, pleasure and adornment industries



Color-Yellow and Green


Oils-rose, sandalwood, honeysuckle, cinnamon, patchouli


All of this info comes right out of Metu Neter Vol. 1 by Ra Un Nefer Amen…get a copy!

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Welcome to the official New Afrikan Independence Party (NAIP) blog!!!


Welcome to the official blog for the New Afrikan Independence Party (NAIP). We are a political party dedicated to the pursuit of social justice, human rights and self/group determination on behalf of Black/New Afrikan people.

The New Afrikan Independence Party was formed to address political, social and economic issues impacting the quality of life for Blacks/New Afrikans throughout the United States.

The New Afrikan Independence Party (NAIP) advocates a revolutionary and radical reconstruction of the economic, political and social structures and institutions that impact our lives.

For additional information regarding our Platform, Membership and Organization, see WWW.NEWAFRIKAN.ORG

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Slave-Plantation Politics


Bpp_logoRecent primaries and the upcoming midterm elections clearly demonstrate the importance of Blacks/New Afrikans developing our own independent political institutions. Because we don’t have our own independent political vehicles, we continue to be in a political quagmire of supporting and depending on political parties that either ignore us (Republicans) or take us for granted (Democrats).

For example, in Pittsburgh, PA and Allegheny County, the Democratic Party has been in power for decades, enjoying consistent and loyal support from its Black/New Afrikan constituents.

However, Blacks in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County remain some of the most impoverished and jobless among comparable  urban areas in the United States.

Public schools continue to be closed and/or consolidated, unemployment remains double that of the white population and police remain unchecked in their contempt for the civil rights and lives of Black/New Afrikan people.

Against this backdrop, crime and violence have flourished throughout certain areas in…

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Collective Consciousness and Community Defense


The murder of nine Black/New Afrikans at the historic Mother Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina is a heart-wrenching and incomprehensible tragedy. It should also represent a turning point in the current struggle for Black justice and freedom in the United States.

The Charleston 9

Political pundits throughout main-stream media outlets have struggled with articulating the reality of racial hatred, violence and terrorism directed toward Blacks/New Afrikans. Instead, many have focused on calling for more stringent gun-control laws and the removal of the confederate flag from government properties, while ignoring the obvious pattern of race-based terrorism aimed at Blacks all across the United States.

Vigilantes, murderous pig-police and now, organized and armed white-supremacist have targeted and converged upon Black/New Afrikan people with a vengeance. Traditional and “responsible” African-American leadership appears to be unprepared and ill-equipped to respond to these most recent situations, while more radical and militant Black leaders are angry…

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My Blog, Observations and Truths


I know that I’m passing along some deep ish to those of you where “rebooting”  your brains, is hard. The knowledge is being passed to you in the hopes that you realize that what you’ve been told in his-story books, news media, your government and those who truly run this country, have been lies.
Serious injustices have been done by Europeans, white people,jews, arabs and others against the BLACK people of Kemet (egypt). Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Christians, the Catholic church, etc., all  have corrupted true names of Pharaohs, Kings, documents, knowledge, defaced statues to hide BLACK facial identity and the white washing of true BLACK images continues by white people who weren’t even around when BLACK people created and ruled. They have destroyed everything with murders, their diseases and other trickery…

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Part 3: The Tocharian, Chapter 19: The Bantu

Earth is the aim : Peoples

Part 3: The Tocharian, Chapter 19: The Bantu
Published July 31, 2009


The menhir square topped, of Kalokol at Namoratunga II, near Lake Turkana, Kenya …

DESTINATION EARTH Book Two: The peoples

Part 3: The Tocharian Chapter 19: The Bantu


Bantu means: humans, in the Kongo language The Bantu are drawn from Sudan to South Africa and the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean They are farmers and sedentary and gained from ancient times, the mastery of iron, which allowed them to colonize territories for a period of about four thousand years … The Bantu clans are most matriarchal, and practicing respect and submission to the elders of the tribe

Bantu_expansionHistory of Bantu

The Bantu are from the south of the Benue River in Nigeria, and would have migrated in stages to central Africa, then to the Eastern and Southern Africa This colonization of the Bantu began in the…

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