Kemetic Round Table : Ritual Purity

Shadows of the Sun

"Prayer of Khonsu" by Stefan Backalowicz, 1904“Prayer of Khonsu” by Stefan Bakalowicz, 1904

Ritual purity is definitely one of the more frustrating subjects within Egyptian Theology. For newcomers to Egyptian religion, the concept and its applications can feel quite daunting. Many long-practicing Kemetics likewise struggle with feelings of inadequacy, that they are for whatever reason not “pure enough” to even approach the Gods in-shrine. Days, weeks, months, or even years can elapse between ritual/shrine sessions due to stress and discouragement over ritual purity.

Before we delve into how we can personally approach and reconcile ourselves as Modern Kemetics with this concept, let us first briefly examine a few Ancient Egyptian ideas and practices regarding what once constituted satisfactory ritual purity.

P E R S O N A L   A P P E A R A N C E   A N D   H Y G I E N E
I N   A N T I Q…

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