“Extended adolescence” syndrome in the Afrikan diaspora

Umkhonto we Sizwe! (Spear of the Nation)

Maadwo brothas and sistas,
Now i think i understand the MADNESS i see out here a little betta noow! We got a multitude of negros out here that really don’t wanna ever grow up, they just seem stuck in a perpetual state of infancy….and find every reason to extend their adolescence and stay “hot, sexy and out ah road!”. Our “missing” mothers (and they DO exist!, but i don’t know none though!) are in the club “droppin it like its’ hot” to Rihanna’s latest tune, getting the latest “fly weave” for that bashment that’s coming up on the weekend OR shopping at the mall for the latest yurugu inspired fashion. Maybe those “missing” fathers are watching the games at the “crib” of one of “their boys”, test driving that new Benz with the “fine honey” they just met at the mall (who will be pregnant with baby #6 in a…

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