Races of Mexico


Well, this is my first post and is subject to change. Also, be warned that this post is long!

I have always found Latin Americans to be an interesting bunch, particularly Mexicans, as this is the group most English-speakers (at least Americans) are familiar with. However, they are not very familiar with them, and this is the paradox. Mexicans and Americans have been neighbors since 1803, when the US acquired the Louisiana Territory from France and brought its western frontier to the Spanish Viceroyalty of New Spain, where the independent nation of Mexico would be created in 1821. Yet, after 208 years of being neighbors, most Americans still have a false idea of what race Mexicans are. The average American (even Mexican-Americans and other Latin Americans in the US) thinks that either Mexicans belong to the “Hispanic/Latino” ‘racial’ group or that they are of the “Mexican race”. A minority think…

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