Dusé Mohamed Ali

Forever Black Effusion


He was an early mentor of Marcus Garvey. Born today in 1866, the powerful Pan-Africanist, Dusé Mohamed Ali. He was considered by the British government to be a ‘notorious disseminator of sedition’. Ali published the first political journal produced by and for Black people ever published in Britain, the ‘Africa Times and Orient Review’. “…In 1912 Garvey came to England and experienced racism at the very heart of British imperialism. While there he became closely associated with Duse Mohammed Ali. Ali was a kind of mentor to Marcus Garvey who was a staff writer for the ‘Africa Times and Orient Review’ between 1912 and 1913.” Ali who began his career as an actor and playwright and worked as a ‘penny-a-line’ journalist would eventually become the founder and editor of The Comet, which in 1933 became Nigeria’s largest weekly, selling around 4,000 issues per week. Ali also established the Universal Islamic…

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