The Well Defined Kingdom of Nubia, Nehesy & The Neh Bird, And Taharka In The Land of “Ta Seti”


The Kingdom of Nubia

I wonder why people become irate when I say /nHsy/ means Nubian? I don’t know but I’ll be really simple in this blog to make things clear.

I have already addressed the popular Egyptological definition of /nHsy/, “Nubian” in my document “Conversation on Nehesy The Nubian Pharaoh”. We also discussed how some often confuse Nubians with Kushites etc. See the breakdown; The Breakdown on Nehesy

Anyway today I want to present more sources that will help us know the borders of the “Kingdom of Nubia”. I will try to only present sources and information while keeping my commentary to a minimum(we’ll see how that works! ha!).

“The Four Races of Mankind”-The Book of The Gates

The people of Ta Nehesy are represented in the four races of mankind of the Book of Gates as /nHs.w/. Below is E.A. Wallis Budge’s translation. The questionable part of Budge’s…

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