Sekhmet Invocations

Oracle of the Cosmic Journeyman

Invocation and ritual to the Goddess Sekhmet


A prayer to Sekhmet

Book:  Bast and Sekhmet, Eyes of Ra

Author:  Storm Constantine and Eloise Coquio

Note from author:  The following was translated by E.A. St George and is taken from her booklet Under Regulus.

In our opinion, it sums up Sekhmet’s nature and power.


Behold, I smell the earth before the mighty one.

Behold how I have kept the vigil in the shrine of Sekhmet.

Behold, I am the child, the child of Sekhmet, the lady of the east.

I am with her. I am one with her.

I am Sekhmet and the flames of all those who praise her.

I am the hand of the powerful goddess, wearer of the solar disc. I am the twice beautiful one, more splendid than yesterday.

I am she who goes forth with Ra. I am she.

My hair…

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