The Mystery Of The Cocaine Mummy

Jive Turkey ®

…This video was very crucial to my understanding about the geographic location of the Egyptian Empire. Not only did the ancient Egyptians have fleets of seaworthy ships that sailed all over the world, there was also a hidden history to the beginning of the first established Egyptian Nation in the Americas.

You can make up your own minds. This geography question and information will be thoroughly examined in

Jive Turkey: or, How I Found One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Things are about to change.


Transcript of the video

The Mystery of the Cocaine Mummies

In the 21st dynasty of the Pharaohs, 3,000 years ago, there took place one night at a temple, the funeral of Henut Taui – the Lady of the Two lands.

Compared to the great rulers of Egypt, her burial was a modest affair. But just like the Pharaohs, she too…

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