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The Well Defined Kingdom of Nubia, Nehesy & The Neh Bird, And Taharka In The Land of “Ta Seti”


The Kingdom of Nubia

I wonder why people become irate when I say /nHsy/ means Nubian? I don’t know but I’ll be really simple in this blog to make things clear.

I have already addressed the popular Egyptological definition of /nHsy/, “Nubian” in my document “Conversation on Nehesy The Nubian Pharaoh”. We also discussed how some often confuse Nubians with Kushites etc. See the breakdown; The Breakdown on Nehesy

Anyway today I want to present more sources that will help us know the borders of the “Kingdom of Nubia”. I will try to only present sources and information while keeping my commentary to a minimum(we’ll see how that works! ha!).

“The Four Races of Mankind”-The Book of The Gates

The people of Ta Nehesy are represented in the four races of mankind of the Book of Gates as /nHs.w/. Below is E.A. Wallis Budge’s translation. The questionable part of Budge’s…

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Queen Ahhotep: The Badass Matriarch of Egypt’s 17th Dynasty

Temple of Mut

Dear Readers: I was recently reminded of Queen Ahhotep by a friend who posted a picture of a prestigious military award given to Egypt’s 17th Dynasty ruler, which accompanied her to the grave: The Golden Flies of Valor.

So, today, I would like to review the life and death of one of Egypt’s most dynamic and influential women.  It seems she was the “leader of the pack”, obviously influencing the strong women who later dominated Egypt’s 18th dynasty (e.g., Hatshepsut, Tiye, Nefertiti and Mutnodjmet)

Ahhotep, whose name means “The Moon is Satisfied”, was the wife of pharaoh Seqenenre Tao (likely her brother), whose own mummy points to a rather gruesome death at the hands of the Hyksos (a group of mixed Semitic-Asiatics who immigrated into Egypt’s delta region and eventually dominated it).  She lived sometime around 1560- 1530 BC.  Eventually, her son drove the foreigners from…

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Sekhmet Invocations

Oracle of the Cosmic Journeyman

Invocation and ritual to the Goddess Sekhmet


A prayer to Sekhmet

Book:  Bast and Sekhmet, Eyes of Ra

Author:  Storm Constantine and Eloise Coquio

Note from author:  The following was translated by E.A. St George and is taken from her booklet Under Regulus.

In our opinion, it sums up Sekhmet’s nature and power.


Behold, I smell the earth before the mighty one.

Behold how I have kept the vigil in the shrine of Sekhmet.

Behold, I am the child, the child of Sekhmet, the lady of the east.

I am with her. I am one with her.

I am Sekhmet and the flames of all those who praise her.

I am the hand of the powerful goddess, wearer of the solar disc. I am the twice beautiful one, more splendid than yesterday.

I am she who goes forth with Ra. I am she.

My hair…

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The Mystery Of The Cocaine Mummy

Jive Turkey ®

…This video was very crucial to my understanding about the geographic location of the Egyptian Empire. Not only did the ancient Egyptians have fleets of seaworthy ships that sailed all over the world, there was also a hidden history to the beginning of the first established Egyptian Nation in the Americas.

You can make up your own minds. This geography question and information will be thoroughly examined in

Jive Turkey: or, How I Found One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Things are about to change.


Transcript of the video

The Mystery of the Cocaine Mummies

In the 21st dynasty of the Pharaohs, 3,000 years ago, there took place one night at a temple, the funeral of Henut Taui – the Lady of the Two lands.

Compared to the great rulers of Egypt, her burial was a modest affair. But just like the Pharaohs, she too…

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