Violent Cop Fired; Gets Job Back


The cop who did this GOT THEIR FUCKING JOB BACK. How much more anti-Black can someone be, than to cut off a Black woman’s hair?  She was the victim of a fucking CRIME!!! Even when Black people are victims, we are still abused and always assumed guilty criminals.

  • Gregory was arrested at a motel where she was accused of trashing a room. Her attorney told HuffPost earlier this year that his client “flipped out” when she woke up in the motel room, surrounded by strangers and not knowing how she had gotten there. She believed she may have been drugged. Taken into custody for the misdemeanor offense of destruction of property, Gregory was eventually charged with a felony and pepper sprayed after she kicked through a window of the responding police car.All charges against Gregory were later dropped, and the city pursued a settlement that awarded $75,000 to her…

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