A Call to Arms: Organic Hit Squads to Kujichagulia Villages


I am a man obsessed — with food.  I think of food as solution to so many problems that are crippling our progress: health; economics; employment; community development; family; education; leisure time; elders support; as well as a sense of well-being with regard to progress of the group.

Several years ago I floated the idea of Gardening Hit Squads that could hit a backyard and in one day install a wonderful raised bed square-foot garden capable of feeding a family of four with organic produce.  It was such a good idea that one companygroOrganic.com has put it into effect.

I have assembled a collection of images of beautiful gardens, organic farms and  agri-tourism facilities as models of the type of work that we could be deploying with our own efforts wherever we can find land for development.  I think that these images  are quite inspiring to our creative and productive imagination…

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