What’s your view on the world?


When you wake up in the morning, what’s your outlook on life and the society we live in? Do you optimistically decide to view the world in positiveness or do you choose to see society as it is, a serious work-in-progress?

Before a person can answer this question, they must first settle on how exactly do they individually view the world. Is your view of the world based on the small world you live in? You see, in today’s society, I refuse to believe that people are ignorant of what’s going on and that certain “coincidences” are, in fact, deliberate executions by the minority (the people in “power”) in order to maintain their stranglehold on progress. We know…we are well aware. The problem is that some, maybe even most, are too scared to upset the “natural order of things” because they still believe that the impossible, the American Dream, is actually possible for them…

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