3 reasons why we chant #BlackLivesMatter

YBA (Young Blackademic)

We know that all lives matter.

We have always known that #AllLivesMatter.

This is a fact. I don’t think I know a single Black person who will willingly devalue someone’s life.


I am not here today to write about all lives. I here to specifically talk about Black lives.

In the United States and across the globe, people of African Descent are brutally murdered, tortured, and oppressed with impunity. This happens to a bunch of people across the globe, mostly other people of color, but the reason we chant BLACK LIVES MATTER is not to marginalize anyone else.

We also don’t chant “All Lives Matter” because we refuse to acknowledge other peoples humanity.

We chant “Black Live Matter” because we are recognizing our humanity.

The humanity of Black bodies, whether they are male, female, transgender, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or disabled, are constantly under attack. Black women and men lead…

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