Gulf Women’s Writing: On Slavery, Migrant Labor, and Statelessness


On Nov. 10, Mona Kareem will give a talk at Binghamton University on how Gulf women writers adopt — or challenge — nationalist narratives:

unnamedHow, Kareem asks, do women writers deal with blacks, migrants, and stateless individuals? What kind of feminist positions are taken within their discussions of racism? Can citizen-women offer an alternative history or new narratives on issues of slavery, migrant labor, and statelessness?

Kareem is herself stateless, a poet and writer who has brought out two collections of Arabic poetry, and is currently a PhD candidate in the Comparative Literature Program at Binghamton University. She also blogs at

Kareem and ArabLit emailed about the issues that will be raised in her talk tomorrow. Of course, if you’re in the Binghamton area at 1 o’clock on Monday, Nov. 10, please do go.

ArabLit: What initially brought you to this topic? Were there ways in which Gulf women writers were…

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