Wrapping up the blogging experience

Post-Racial America

The colorblind/post-racial theory. It’s a complex topic I first heard about in my Sociology class at Laney College in Oakland, Calif. and it perplexed me. Coming from a low-income immigrant household where youth were stereotyped to be gang members and drug dealers, the consequences of racial prejudice seemed very apparent to me. I simply could not understand how some scholars believed firmly in the idea that race no longer mattered in American society.

When I was asked to research a topic that created borders (physical and mental) between members of our society, I dove into the post-racial concept. My curiosity propelled me into my research. It was such an abstract and intriguing theory that seemed so far from reality. I wanted to understand why people believed it was true.

One of the highlights of my blogging experience was conducting an interview with Sociology professor Cynthia Mahabir. It was an interesting…

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