The three kinds of white racists


Commenter JT asked:

Could you post on the differences between white bigots, white implicit racists, and whites with integrity? It would be interesting to read your take on the different types, the frequency with which each occur and maybe a prescription how each can be recognized and/or addressed.

Here is how I understand the three kinds:

  1. white bigots – those who hate blacks, use the n-word and have views that even most whites would regard as racist. What blacks would call being openly racist. On this blog I call them Jim Crow racists. Examples: The Klan, David Duke, white grandmothers and uncles.
  2. white implicit racists – they do not hate blacks and may even be careful to be politically correct in their speech. They say they do not see colour, that it is wrong. But they still look down on blacks and stereotype them. They see them as poor, “ghetto”…

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