“Racial” and Racist Opportunism: Tim Wise and His Ilk Again

Reapacentral Blog

     I am neither left nor right and so I have the ability not to be trapped by left frameworks which inevitably confuse mediocrity and victimization with progressivism, nor the right which confuses statism and exploitation with collective development. There is a cottage industry of “whites” who have spent their lives chronicling the oppression of Afrikan people. Their only “activism” is just that and they build huge structures of support among “white” liberals who are similarly talking and doing little and Afrikans who are brainwashed looking for a figurative “white messiah” who can deliver them. All of this is an artifact of white supremacy which can carve out a space for a Wise, who in all his writing has done little beyond repeat and quote Afrikan people who themselves get no recognition or notoriety. He is what he is and where he is because of our oppression. What can “whites”…

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