Against the Victim Idea: How You See You Becomes You

Reapacentral Blog

Afrikans have been victimized but are not victims. That idea undermines their agency in their condition and their agency in changing it. I reject all Eurocentric philosophies that make us victims. Victimology teaches the person to see their self definition in terms of their oppressive experiences and their oppressors. Afrikan tradition teaches that one should see their self definition in their resistance to oppression and in their freedom. A slave who think himself a victim will likely remain a slave. It was the slaves who ceased to be victims who became a problem for the slavemaster and slavery. I was VICTIMIZED BY enslavement and segregation, but those things never defined me which is what makes me different than many in the movement who DO define themselves by those things and that’s why they do not progress far beyond the thinking of their oppression.

The alternative, within a context of oppression…

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