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Herbal teas have medicinal benefits, and their comforting, soothing benefits as well as variety of great-tasting flavors make them a popular drink among the health-conscious.

Herbal detox teas, in particular, can assist the liver and other detox organs of the body in flushing out toxin.

Herbal detox teas are very effective when combined with detox diet plans, but these teas can also be consumed as detox-assisting beverages even if you are not on any specific detox plan.

Herbal Detox Teas

Lemon and Ginger Tea
Ginger and lemon both help with digestion; this tea consumed in the morning gets your digestive system off to a great start. Lemon is also good for treating fever or rheumatism.

Usually, a dried ginger herb is used; boiling water is poured over the herb, left to simmer for a few minutes, and then the lemon is added.

Rosehip Tea
This drink contains antioxidants and…

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