Four Choose Your Adventure Books YOU Should Read!

Chronicles of Harriet

In March 1983, an unconventional series of books held the top three entries of the Sunday Times bestseller list. These were Fighting Fantasy books – gamebooks similar to The Keys, the first book in my YOU are the Hero series, but different in that to take part in the fun of Fighting Fantasy, you also needed a pencil, eraser and dice.

The next book in the YOU are the Hero series, The Haunting of Truth High, will incorporate traditional Afrikan game elements.

According to one parent, who bought The Keys for her 15 year old son and 12 year old daughter, she was surprised that her teens, long classified as “reluctant readers,” became so engrossed in the adventures of Terry De Fuego and Jordan Drummond. “My children became completely taken over by the roleplaying as, suddenly, this was the chance to experience a book where, not only…

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