What is Kundalini? Part III – Enlightenment Or Death?


by El Collie

You hear it and you think
it’s safely Out There,
some drunken gust of midnight motion
rattling windows and thrashing walls;
some strange change of sudden weather
you think you can close down
behind locked doors, small talk, numb mind.
You crawl to bed and close your eyes.
You still hear it.
You say it’s just the wind,
just the wind,
until it breathes down your shivering back,
seizes your spine,
storms your cowering brain
and bends the branches of time.
Then you hear it, all right!
You hear it
when it grabs you dead center
and sucks you through your skin.
You hear the incredible when it happens,
when it hoists you out of yourself
and you go sailing through pyrotechnic space.
You go spinning; you go soaring;
you go right through the ceiling
and find yourself howling
like some preternatural newborn thing.

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