What is Kundalini? Part II – Terms: The Subtle Body Explained: The Chakras, The Nadis, Prana and Bindu

The Subtle Body
Part A ~ The Chakras

Chakra is a Sanskrit term meaning ‘wheel’. The West seems to agree upon seven major Chakras in the body, though other cultures believe there to be many more major and minor ones. They are whorling vortices of energy that permeate both the physical and etheric body, existing however mostly in the etheric body with various points in which the energy permeates the physical body. Other schools of thought believe that the Chakras actually exist inside the body, along the Sushumna Nadi channel (see the section on Nadis), inside or alongside the spine. I am not sure what I believe entirely as I have felt evidence of Chakra presence inside of my body and I also feel my third eye dance right on the tips of the hairs on my forehead. From this I think that it is safe to assume that energy in essence is a…

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