What is Kundalini? Part I – The Serpent Power: Shakti, Shiva and the Subtle Body

Kundalini is a Sanskrit term meaning ‘coiled up’. It looks like this:  कुण्डलिनी in Sanskrit.

A serpent, figuratively and symbolically, is coiled up at the base of the spine in all humans. It is said to be coiled 3 and a half times. This means your spine, my spine, everyone’s spine within the sacrum bone or the Muladhara chakra is this immense force. The reason behind this 3 and a half number is to do with the Gunas, which is another Sanskrit term for cord, strand, and in some more abstract forms, subdivision. There are 3 major Gunas: Rajas Guna (creation) Sattva Guna(preservation) and Tamas Guna (destruction).

This serpent, also known as the Goddess Shakti, lies dormant in all people until She is Awakened. ‘Shak’ is Sanskrit for force. She represents the cosmic forces that rule the Universe. In Hinduism, she is the divine feminine power and…

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