Sacred site of Niagara Falls

All these...

Niagara falls was a sacred site to the Native Indian tribes
who used this as a meditation site because of the tremendous energy
that site emanated.

Energy vortex:

Link: http://snoedel. php?r=1&id= 388717&tbl_ archief=1

One example of an enormous energy vortex, that does not house a
portal, is Niagara Falls. The plasma created by the ions released
from the massive crashing of water is extremely powerful, and
extremely beneficial to ones physical healing and emotional well
being. A higher field of energy exist there, because the ratio of
anions to cations in the plasmic field creates a very tangible sense
of well being and elation. Niagara Falls is indeed a potent
powernode, an enormous vortex complex spins there, but it is not a
portal. This ratio of cation to anion is the same benevolent effect
that makes ocean beaches with crashing waves, so robustly pleasant,
and natural aquifer springs so…

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