Moroccan Moors sold the Black Race into Slavery / “..Morocco against Black Africa..”(Diop quote)

Abundance Child™

I will do my best not to deal with the importance of Nationality for the purpose of this dialogue because it seems to be a concept widely misoverstood and underutilized. Too many people make inferences that clump anyone claiming that their Nationality (the relationship between one and their state of origin, culture, association, affiliation and/or loyalty)as Moor(ish) derives from some loyalty or derivation to what is now called the Kingdom of Morocco when that is not always the case, nor should be the case relative to those born in Amexem.

And…? True we played the Commerce game and we played hard…Moors were more interested in selling the sell out Christians into Slavery…So called Africans sold so called Africans into slavery not Moors. The Moors were keeping the Albion outside of the interior of so called Afriac…Once they got in there the so called Africans did the damage.Now moving Forward!


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