Qur’an is in the Language of the Quraysh

Al- Qur'an

Guidelines forUnderstanding the Qur`aan

Part 3 – 1

Understanding the Qur`aan

The Qur`aan is in the Language of the Quraish

By Ayub A. Hamid

Whether a person studies the Qur-aan directly without placing much reliance on the existing translations, Tafaaseer and commentaries or studies with the help of existing scholarly works, the following principles must be employed for understanding or deriving conclusions, evaluating which translations and commentaries to rely upon, and which opinions to accept or reject:

The Qur-aan is in the Language of the Quraish

The Holy Qur-aan was revealed in the Arabic language considered authentic by the literary authorities of the Quraish at the time of the Prophet, Ŝall Allaahu`alayhi wa sallam. To understand its message as it was meant to be understood, naturally, the first prerequisite is the knowledge of the language of that era.

Every language has its nuances of style, idioms and usage, all of…

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