Food For The Soul/Re-Connecting To All Life

Immortal Eye

I begin this presentation by affirming that I am not better than you because I re-connected myself back to the whole of life. As it qualifies me not, for special recognition, that I realized that humans in their natural capacity, do not eat animals. And that is because this truth is as fundamental as knowing leaves are apart of a branch.

I am however,

helping the world re-turn to a moor loving vibration,

for all forms of life, by returning to the Natural way of being.

That I know.

“As within, so without.” Many are unconscious to mans inescapable connection to all that is.

Many are so thoroughly attached to concepts, that when presented with information that proves the beliefs theyve occupied for long periods of time as false, they, rather than accept their gentle nature as a sentient being, become neurotic and refuse to evolve with the truth that…

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