The forgotten tribes of Langa kaXaba, the Ndwandwe.

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Brief history of the Ndwandwe

I will now give you an instalment of the Ndwandwe clan’s history which links to amaShangane and amaJere. The Ndwandwes are a subgroup of the Nguni people who populate sections of Southern Africa. King Zwide was the chief of the Ndwandwe clan from about 1805 to around 1820 and he was the son of Langa, a Ndwandwe Chieftain (that is why the Nxumalos’ praisename is Zwide kaLanga or Mkhatshwa). He was ambitious in expanding Ndwandwe supremacy and was a prominent rival chieftain to Chief Dingiswayo of the Mtetwa as mentioned before.

Dingiswayo’s famous general and protege, King Shaka of the Zulu Kingdom was also his great rival. Around the time Zwide became Chief, the Ndwandwe were growing in military power. Legend has it that Zwide’s mother, the Great She Elephant Queen Ntombazi was an Isangoma (witchdoctor). Zwide, like Shaka sought to expand his borders, and…

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