Flags: Indus Valley-Egypt similarity

Tamil and Vedas

Picture shows Egyptian standards from Narmer palette

( Tamil version of this article is already posted in the blogs: swami )

Carrying flags and standards in a king’s procession or God’s (statue) procession is practised even today in India. In Tamil Nadu, the emblems of Shiva or Vishnu are taken in the procession during the annual temple festivals. We are fortunate to have one seal or tablet showing a procession that went through an Indus Valley city thousands of years ago. Egypt has provided us still an older picture of a procession.

Narmer (Nara Meru also known as Menes/Manu) ruled Egypt in the Pre Dynastic period, 5000 years before our time. His palette shows four people carrying standards. The first two carry long poles with bird figures on the top. Next person carried a pole with the wolf God (Wepwawet) and the last one carried a bundle or a cloth…

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