The Sugarcane Mystery: Indus valley and the Ikshvaku Dynasty

Tamil and Vedas

Ikshvaku was the founder of the Solar Dynasty. Lord Sri Rama, Bhageeratha and other great kings of the solar dynasty are well known to the Hindus. What is interesting is that we get more and more evidence to link him with the Indus Valley Civilisation, first Jain Thirthankara, Rishabadeva, the Rik Veda and a Tamil king called Adhiyamaan.

Ikshvaku was mentioned in Rik Veda. The meaning of his name is SUGARCANE. The plant sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) is mentioned in the Atharva Veda. Ayurvedic authors Charaka and Susruta mentioned the sugarcane in many places. The word ‘sugar’ and the words for sugar in other European languages came from the Sanskrit word ‘Sharkara’. Columbus introduced the sugarcane to the Americas in 1439. Arabs took it from India to other parts of Asia around 8th century AD.

Encyclopaedias say that the people of New Guinea were the first to cultivate sugarcane around…

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