When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong, and Lord Jesus Do They* Think I’m Sweet Brown?


Le sigh. So I decided to write a tad more regularly as of last summer. All sorts of ideas get cooked up in this lil head, and ideas tend to generate even more in my summer freedom when I’m not bogged down with 50-11 rules from case books. I’ll occasionally submit one of my pieces to blogs that I read often in the off chance they’ll get bored and decide to pick it up. Because, why not? People tell me I can write and shit, so why not share it with the world.

I’ve submitted to both clutch, jezebel, and xo jane in the past. I think essence, too. None of my writings had been picked up. No matter. I don’t write for a living. I mostly enjoy the process of just being able to pour out whatever is on my mind, because I literally will not be able to…

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