Derin Ologbenla the founder of Oke Igbo

Yoruba Traditional & Cultural Renaissance

Derin Ologbenla the founder of Okeigbo was a warrior from Ile-Ife whose trade was to prosecute war on behalf of the poor and the oppressed. It was through one of his efforts to liberate people that he founded what we know today as Okeigbo. Although, no official date could be given as when precisely Okeigbo was founded but history has it that the period between 1830 and1840 are most likely to be the period that Okeigbo was founded.

Derin Ologbenla was said to have received an invitation from Ajibike, an Ifa consultant to Ooni Adegunle Abewela between the periods of 1839-1849. Ajibike was also serving Osemawe of Ondo, Oba Arilekolasi who as at that time was having a running battle with his subjects, the Ondo people. Derin being a friend of Ajibike was invited to liberate the Osemawe from the shackles of his subjects who are bent on killing him…

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