Black Presence in the Ancient British Isles

Sag-gig-ga (The Black-headed People)

One of the most under explored  topics in the study of ancient history is the black presence in ancient Europe.  A black presence can be found in the British Isles as far back as prehistoric times. 

The Silures were the most ancient inhabitants of Britain.  (The Theosophical Path, vol. 3 by Katherine Tingley, California: The New Century Corporation, 1912, pg. 136)  The Silures possessed south Wales and western England, and their chief cities were Sariconium, Magna, Gobabeum, and their capital city, Venta.  The land of the Silures was only thirty miles from Ireland.

That the Silures were black does not need to be questioned.  They were described as short in stature, with brown complexions, and black curled hair and dark eyes.  In the second century A.D., the Roman historian Pliny described the Britons complexions as “Ethiopian.” (African Presence in Early Europe by Ivan Van Sertima, ed. New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers, 2007, pg…

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Investigating Black Lives Matter: A Black Homosexual Movement Directed by Imas (Whites)

African Centered Biological Nationalist Journal

The Ima (white / inbred mutant albino) media has been documenting, castigating, and lauding the activities of the Black Lives Matter’s organization, a group founded by three lesbian African-Americans.

However, when I researched the Black Lives Matter’s organizational structure and how chapters were formed, I realized this movement was incubated outside the African-American community and its primary aim is to promote homosexuality.

Thus, the slogan, Black Lives Matter, although righteous, is an example of an Ima agenda to eradicate the African American community via social engineering.

Founders_of_the_NAACP Founders of the NAACP: Moorfield Storey, Mary White Ovington and W.E.B. Du Bois.

Black Lives Matter! How can I argue against such a statement? Easily!  Since the organizers shouting this slogan have made it risible.

How can Black Lives Matter when a group supports homosexuality?

How can Black Lives Matter when a group supports abortion?


After watching a recent interview with the alleged…

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I Am Not An Atheist, I Am A Real Black Atheist

Amen-Ra Squad

“When I look in the mirror I feel proud of what I see. I don’t need reefer. I don’t snort. I don’t stick nothing in my arms because I’m already high. High with the beauty of the woman that gave birth to me.
Somebody the other day asked me, ‘do you know god?’
I said ‘yes, she died 14 years ago.’
‘What do you mean?’
I said, ‘mama, dear mama. The first time I opened my eyes there was a black woman putting a nipple from her breast in my mouth to sustain me, having to sustain me for ten months in her womb….’ That’s the sign.
That was god. The god I knew. The other one is belief. Belief! And belief isn’t a fact. Belief is a hope. Belief is faith. Belief may not happen.
But Mama did. And so… the man she pointed out to me that stood…

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The Age of Omo I and Omo II from the Kibish Formation, Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Two articles in the Journal of Human Evolution reanalyze the geochronology of the Kibish Formation, in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia. One is titled, “Microstratigraphy of the Kibish hominin sites KHS and PHS, Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia,” and the other is titled, “Sapropels and the age of hominins Omo I and II, Kibish, Ethiopia.”

Excavations of Kibish Formation between 1967–1974, yielded two very important Homo sapiens calvariae, each from different localities — Omo I which resembles modern humans and Omo II which has more primitive features. Omo I’s site was called Kamoya’s Hominid Site (KHS) after the discoverer, and about 2.6 km northwest of KHS, Omo II’s site, Paul’s Hominid Site (PHS) is located. These two were first indirectly dated to be 130,000 years old by a U-series disequilibrium analysis (a measurement of the decay of uranium into thorium over time) from layer near the Omo I site…

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PERT EM HERU, our ancient and HOLY BOOK that means “coming forth by day and night”. as I said in part one the word ontology means the philosophy of the human being BECOMING or coming into being. u have the story of BECOMING in the bible concerning adam and eve. this story is an ancient afrikan story about the goddess she-shat giving the pharaoh the fruit of knowledge that he may rule the people with justice and righteousness, which is the ancient law of MAAT. the goddamn white man took this story and manipulated it and gave us this male chauvinistic story about eve fucking up everything by seducing adam to eat a damn apple. but let us look deeper into the story in the bible and let’s get a different understanding of it. god punishes adam/eve for practicing ONTOLOGY. god says in genesis THEY …adam/eve have BECOME uh oh…

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I was reading this book on philosophy and ran across the word EXISTENTIALISM. I didn’t know what it meant and looked up the meaning… “a philosophical theory that emphasizes the EXISTENCE of the INDIVIDUAL as a person FREE and RESPONSIBLE agent determining their OWN DEVELOPMENT through acts of the WILL”. this definition describes my religion “or way of life” perfectly! I don’t recognize any religion or any god but do believe our ancestors continue to live thru us. we may give them the mythological name HERU, ASET, OR PTAH but those that have passed on or died their DNA still continues thru us. so for me the ancestors guide me, support me, give me instructions, but ultimately my development is mine and mine alone. I can follow their instructions or sit on my ass and do nothing, but I don’t believe in some god, creator, deity that’s outside of me in…

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Bahitawi, The Hermits of Ethiopia


Bahitawi 1
“The bahtawi are an independent class of hermits who represent the anchoritic tradition – modern successors of St John the Baptist rebuking all including the emperor himself without fear or favour. As Shimei reviled King David, so the bahtawi have been know to hurl abuse at all and sundry including the emperor. Some live completely separately from society, unseen by all, their bones occasionally discovered after their deaths in the remotest of places. Others lived in trees (dendrites) or small holes in the ground. Often they live on leaves and bitter roots and reduce sleep to an absolute minimum. (One who had found his way to New York was taken to a mental institution after being found praying half-naked in the snow!).Those living in wilderness zones on the edge of the empire had the effect of
expanding the empire because they invariably attracted followers.”
Bahitawi 2
“Though it has long since…

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